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Wild Roots is an independent, women-led band based in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Headed by Julia Houghton and Olivia Moore, the group released their debut album, Wild Roots Rising, in 2021 and have since continued to tour, playing stages and festivals across the country. Olivia and Julia have co-created music for nearly a decade and collaborate in many areas of life; in addition to being soul sisters, the two share a deep passion for sustainable living and environmental justice. While Wild Roots’ music celebrates the joy of friendship and community, it also seeks to hold those in power accountable and question the status quo. Julia and Olivia harness their political passions to shed light on issues of social injustice and the degradation of the natural world.


Best known for their complex harmonies, Wild Roots draws inspiration from other powerful women musicians, including MaMuse, Rising Appalachia, The Staves, Fiona Apple, and Mountain Man. They prefer not to confine themselves to a singular genre, instead learning from a wide variety of influences to encourage creative play and musical experimentation. Both Julia and Olivia have a background in classical music but appreciate community oriented folk music traditions. Wild Roots songs transport listeners to an evening around the campfire or an intimate gathering with friends in a meadow. They believe performance should create an emotional catharsis for musicians and listeners alike and seek to create art that both challenges them as musicians and makes fans want to sing along.   

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